Question: Is there a podcast that reads the Bible?

Into that Bible shaped hole comes The Bible Recap hosted by Tara-Leigh Cobble, a daily podcast that aims to read through the entire Bible in a year and since its first episode on January 1 has reached over 2 million downloads.

How do I listen to the Bible project?

Search for a podcast app like iTunes, Spotify, or use our website.Download your chosen app.Search for the BibleProject podcast.Select, Listen, Subscribe, and learn the Bible!

Who does the daily Bible podcast?

‎Daily Radio Bible Podcast on Apple Podcasts. The Daily Radio Bible is a daily podcast of the Bible read by Hunter Barnes, taking readers through the Bible in one year.

Is the Bible Recap accurate?

While Cobbles approach is conservative, it is not fundamentalist: she invariably uses male pronouns for God, glosses over Leviticus 18:22 as God prohibiting homosexuality, and describes the Bible as “100% true but not always 100% literal.” For readers with similar attitudes, this will provide a useful support for a

What is it called when someone reads the Bible?

Eisegesis (/ˌaɪsɪˈdʒiːsɪs/) is the process of interpreting text in such a way as to introduce ones own presuppositions, agendas or biases. It is commonly referred to as reading into the text. Eisegesis is when a reader imposes their interpretation of the text.

Who runs the Bible project podcast?

BibleProject Podcast | BibleProject™ The BibleProject podcast consists of deeper theological conversations between our founders, Tim and Jon, inviting you to explore the biblical theology behind each animated video and series we create.

What Bible reading plan does the Bible Recap use?

Download the Bible app. Sign up for your reading plan: Whole Bible (1 Year) OR New Testament (3 months). Note: There are many chronological plans. These plans follow our podcast.

Is the Bible recap in chronological order?

Tara-Leigh Cobble, host of the popular podcast The Bible Recap, walks readers through a one-year chronological Bible reading plan and explains each days passage in an easy-to-understand way.

What religion takes the Bible literally?

Protestants (including those who identify themselves as Christian but not Catholic or Mormon) are the most likely religious group to believe the Bible is literally true. Forty-one percent of Protestants hold this view, while a slightly larger 46% take the Bible to be the inspired word of God.

What are the two main things we must consider when interpreting the Bible?

To interpret context the two most important factors are determining the historical literal elements of the context. Historical context involves the time and culture of the author and audience, as well as the historical occasion of the scripture.

Where is Tim Mackie now?

After years of ministry as a local church pastor, Tim now serves as the Chief Education Officer for BibleProject and is an adjunct professor at Western Seminary.

How do you read Deuteronomy?

0:217:48Overview: Deuteronomy - YouTubeYouTube

How do I recap the Bible podcast?

1. Subscribe to The Bible Recap podcast: Available on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Podbean | Google | Google Play | YouTube.

What should not be taken literally in the Bible?

4 Good Reasons Not to Read the Bible Literally1) Nowhere does the Bible claim to be inerrant.2) Reading the Bible literally distorts its witness.3) Most Christians across history have not read the Bible literally.4) Reading the Bible literally undermines a chief confession of the Bible about God.Aug 6, 2011

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