Question: Does the dating site Zoosk cost money?

So, yes, Zoosk is free through the link we provided to sign up. However, you will need to pay for an upgraded membership to fully get into the mix. But at about $12 a month, its super affordable, especially compared to other online dating apps and for what you get.

Does Zoosk cost money to use?

Zoosk runs on a freemium model. That means you can check out our site, create a profile, and take a look at other users in your area before you even pay a dime! Then when youre ready to start having conversations and make real connections, you can begin a paid subscription program.

Is Zoosk totally free?

Zoosk is completely free to try. A free trial account comes with a ton of great features and benefits aimed at helping you get started and on the road to find your best match on Zoosk. Now, if youre wondering Is Zoosk Free 100%? then the answer is not entirely.

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