Question: Whats your definition of smart?

1 : having or showing a high degree of mental ability : intelligent, bright a smart young student a smart decision/investment/idea That wasnt a very smart thing to do. The pursuit of genius or at least being the smartest person in the room continues to tantalize humans.—

What is your definition of being smart?

On a literal level, the dictionary defines smart as having or showing a quick-witted intelligence, and intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Why does smart mean hurt?

Smart has been used to refer to the causing of pain since Old English (our smart comes from the Old English smeart, meaning causing pain). This sense is still very much in use today, at least as a verb. Ouch, ouch, ouch—that smarts!

Whats a big word for smart?

What is another word for smart?brightintelligentastutecleversharpwisebrainybrilliantprecocioussavvy223 more rows

What is a big word for smart?

1 bright. 2 astute, clever, alert, bright, apt, discerning, shrewd, smart.

Is intelligent and smart the same thing?

The difference between smart and intelligent is the origin of the two. While smartness is a quality that comes through learning and adopting the learned behavior, intelligence is an inborn quality and acquired trait. Smart is a learned behavior. It is a behavior that can be adopted over time.

What is a powerful word for smart?

What is another word for smart?brightintelligentgeniuskeenknowingknowledgeableperceptivepercipientresourcefulshrewd223 more rows

Whats another word for smart person?

What is another word for intelligent person?intellectualacademicavant-gardelearned personbright sparkfundiwhizbookish persongifted childclever clogs135 more rows

Whats another word for smart or intelligent?

Synonym Study In this page you can discover 95 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for intelligent, like: exceptional, clever, perspicacious, astute, bright, precocious, brainy, discerning, sagacious, ingenious and perceptive.

What is better smart or intelligent?

For many people, there is no difference between smart and intelligent, because the words seem to be interchangeable. Intelligence, on the other hand, is something with which you are born. Your IQ is a measurement of your intelligence, and doesnt change because it is a measure of your ability to learn.

What is the similar word for smart?

good, wise, bold, brilliant, agile, shrewd, slick, nimble, bright, brainy, canny, astute, quick, sharp, crafty, resourceful, active, energetic, throb, ache.

How do you think an intelligent person behave?

Here are nine things extremely intelligent people do:They stay rational. Theyre aware of balance and still make sacrifices. They make friends with their faults. They have opinions about everything. They avoid impulsive decisions. They dont consider themselves extremely intelligent. They embrace their quirkiness.14 Jun 2018

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