Question: Where do expats live in Abu Dhabi?

Where do Western expats live in Abu Dhabi?

Khalidiya. One of the most lively and largest neighborhoods of Abu Dhabi, mainly because of its large Western expat community, Khalidiya is both close to downtown and the Corniche.

Is Abu Dhabi good for expats?

We all know that Abu Dhabi is a brilliant place to live and work. Theres loads to do from visit amazing attractions, cultural landmarks, theme parks and picturesque sites, to enjoying the best restaurants, brunches, ladies nights and everything in between.

Where is the best area to live in Abu Dhabi?

13 Best Areas to Live in Abu DhabiSaadiyat Island.Al Reem Island.Al Maryah Island.Tourist Club Area.Khalifa City.Al Khalidiyah.Al Reef.Mohammed Bin Zayed City.More items •Mar 1, 2021

How expensive is it to live in Abu Dhabi?

Average Cost of Living in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and DubaiEmirateCost of Living for Single PersonCost of Living for Family of FourAbu Dhabi8,200 AED (2,230 USD)20,330 AED (5,535 USD)Ajman10,090 AED (2,750 USD)13,200 AED (3,595 USD)Dubai9,420 AED (2,565 USD)22,970 AED (6,255 USD)Mar 31, 2020

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