Question: How to get rid of the dating Gumtree ad?

After you have signed in: Click on My Gumtree tab located at the top of all Gumtree pages. then click on My Ads tab which will show options to edit, delete or promote your ad.

How do I delete recent searches on Gumtree?

From the Tools menu of your browsers Task Bar, select Internet Options. On the General tab, Click Delete in Browsing History section. Click OK.

How do you get rid of gum tree?

How To Delete Your Gumtree AccountStep #1: Click here to open Gumtree. If youre already logged in, doing so will open your Gumtree homepage.Click the username on the top right then click my details from the drop down menu.Click deactivate your account.Choose a reason for deletion then click deactivate.

Why does Gumtree remove my ad?

Ads either reported to us or identified by our automated tools as inappropriate, that we then find do break our Posting Policies or Terms of Use will be removed from the site.

Can you save searches in Gumtree?

You can now save your favourite searches on Gumtree – ideal if you are often come to the site to look for the same things. Its really easy to set up, and it only takes a second.

How do you delete recently viewed items?

On your eBay home page, find your Recently Viewed items box. Click Clear to remove all the items. Even though your recent searches dont show the exact items youve viewed, they may give clues about the items or your plans. To delete searches, find the Recent Searches box and click Clear.

Why was my ad removed?

Users flagged the ad as being spam or offensive. The ad expired automatically after being listed for its full duration. Your ad has been reported to us and your access has been restricted.

How do I get alerts from Gumtree?

Gumtree notification setupVisit the Gumtree website and log in.On the Gumtree homepage, place your keywords into the Im looking for.. On the search results page on the left-hand side you will see a button called set search alert – select this.More items

How do you save searches on Gumtree app?

Tap Save Search. This is currently enabled since it is blue. To disable, tap on it. It will turn gray when disabled.

How do I get rid of recently viewed items on eBay?

You wont be able to delete individual items from your recently viewed items, but you can clear all items youve viewed. To do this, go to Recently viewed - opens in new window or tab and select Clear all.

How do I hide recently viewed items on eBay?

To delete searches, find the Recent Searches box and click Clear. To prevent the search box from revealing recent searches, click the search box and select Hide eBay Suggestions.

Why does my Kijiji ad keep getting deleted?

If your ad was removed from Kijiji then most likely, it did not abide by our policies. You should receive an email with more information regarding the removal. Please take a moment to review Kijijis Posting Policies. If you feel that the removal of your ad was done in error, you can contact our customer service team.

How do I stop Gumtree alerts?

How can I unsubscribe from an alert? Every alert you receive will have the option to unsubscribe from that particular alert or all the alerts you have set up, in the footer. Once you click on the link provided, you will stop receiving alert emails.

How do you delete recently viewed?

Right-click a site you dont want others to see and then click Delete to remove it from your browser history. Repeat as needed.

Where did my eBay watch list go?

Go to My eBay in the top right-hand corner and select Recently viewed. Select Your Recently Viewed Items on the homepage. Under Your Recently Viewed Items on the left-hand side of the search results page.

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