Question: Is Sapio free?

Sapio bills itself as a go-to community for people who are drawn to other smart people. Among other things, the free app allows users to define their orientation as sapiosexual, which is someone who finds intelligence attractive.

What is Sapio dating app?

Sapio is a new dating app that attempts to pair like-minded singles in a decidedly non-technical way: through shared interest, intelligence levels, and conversation ability.

How can you identify a sapiosexual?

Understanding SapiosexualityIt Starts With the Brain. Anyone Can Be a Sapiosexual. Sexuality Becomes Less of an Entity. You Prefer Deep Conversations. You Require Intellect in a Potential Partner. You Believe Intelligence Is Sexier Than a Beach Bod. Youre Attracted to Good Grammar. Your Ideal First Date Is a Cozy Bookstore.More items •30 Jun 2021

Are intellectuals rare?

While this is a real limitation of the study, at least its a real attempt to look at the understudied population of intellectually gifted adults, a population that is hard to study because they are statistically rare in the general population.

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