Question: Who was Carmens first boyfriend?

Duncan Carmens first boyfriend, is a character who appears in the Season One episode of George Lopez titled Curious George, the second episode in the series, and in the first season.

Why did Jason and Carmen break up?

Regardless, he caved in and allowed him to live at their home. Jason left her in season 5, due to the fact she was trying to pressure him into marriage and having a child despite only being sixteen.

What episode does Carmen get a boyfriend?

Carmens Dating Carmens Dating was the fifth episode of Season Three of the ABC-TV series George Lopez, also the 33rd overall episode in the series .Carmens Dating.George Lopez episode“Carmens Dating”Guest stars:Bryan FisherNetwork:ABC-TVProduction code:30512 more rows

Who was Carmens boyfriend on The George Lopez Show?

Jason McNamara Carmen Lopez/Significant others

Why did George Lopez cut his hair?

This results in the Secret Service coming to Georges house to ask about the Presidents speech, but George doesnt admit to stealing it, but Jack forces George to cut his hair or he will show the camera footage of George taking the speech.

Does George Lopez have Parkinsons?

As of now, no known treatment or cure exists. According to STAT reporter Sharon Begley in her article “A Secret Experiment Revealed: In a medical first, doctors treat Parkinsons with a novel brain cell transplant,” Lopez, a doctor in California, was diagnosed with Parkinsons in the early 2000s.

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