Question: Is there such a thing as Seeking Arrangement?

SeekingArrangement (also known as Seeking) is an American sugar baby, sugar daddy and Sugar momma dating website founded by MIT graduate Brandon Wade in San Francisco, California in 2006. Wade is currently the companys CEO.

What is the real Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is a highly successful dating site that connects attractive partners from around the world seeking special arrangements. On average, new members find their desired arrangement within 5 days, which is really quick among other dating sites.

How much does it cost to join Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement CostMembership TypeLengthCostPremium - Subscription30 days$89.95 monthlyPremium - Subscription90 days$79.95 monthlyDiamond - Subscription30 days$249.95 monthlySugar BabiesUnlimitedFree

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