Question: What are the downsides of Tinder?

Another con of Tinder is that it can encourage compulsive use. Average users spend 35 minutes a day on Tinder. It combines compulsive smartphone use with ego gratification; so if youre vulnerable to either, beware.

Why is Tinder so hated?

People dont hate Tinder, they blame Tinder for their own mistakes in: finding a wrong significant other on Tinder. not liking sexting with people who base Likes on “appearance only” loosing significant other for someone on Tinder (which is really a their own mistake, not to keep same significant other by themselves)

Why are one-night stands wrong?

Dr. Varma explains that a big reason one-night stands can end up going awry is that the two parties can be on different pages about what having sex means. This problem can only arise when there is a lack of communication on either side.

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