Question: Who owns Lovin Dublin?

LOVIN MEDIA GROUP founder Niall Harbison is leaving the company he established after selling his stake to businessman Emmet ONeill. Launched in 2011, Harbisons online publishing firm runs a number of websites including Lovin Dublin.

Who owns Lovin ie?

Company founded by Niall Harbison acquired by VC firm Greencastle Capital. Greencastle Capital, which recently completed the acquisition of a €10.5 million deal for and HER owner, Maximum Media Network, has followed this up with a deal to buy Lovin Media Group for an undisclosed sum.

Who is Lovin Dublin?

Lovin Dublin is part of Lovin Group, one of the fastest-growing media companies on the planet with more than 100 million pieces of content viewed per month on our 33 channels across two continents.

Who bought Joe IE?

Colourful media entrepreneur Greencastle bought Joe and Hers owner, Maximum Media, out of examinership last October in a €10.5 million deal.

What is Lovin IE?

We are a digital lifestyle and culture brand helping you discover the best of your city and nation, on social, on site and on street. is your guide to the very best food, drink, entertainment and travel in Ireland and beyond. We connect you to the place youre in, and get you where you want to go.

How is it living in Dublin?

Today, Dublin is a thriving city. It has a small-town feel with capital city amenities, including a great theatre and music scene. Many people come to Dublin for the craic. Translating approximately to fun or a place/activity with a certain buzz, the craic is not a drug, but the craic in Dublin is just as addicting.

Who owns Joe?

Niall McGarry Joe (website)TypeOnline newspaperOwner(s)Greencastle Capital, David SeftonFounder(s)Niall McGarryEditorPaddy McKennaFounded20103 more rows

What happened to Joe IE?

JOE.IE. In November 2019 McGarry announced that he was going to step away from executive involvement in the Irish business and he will focus instead on its business in the UK, where he launched with its Joe digital platform in 2015. He said he will work in conjunction with the existing management team in the UK.

Is Joe ie legit?

JOE ( and is a distributed social media publisher aimed at young people in Ireland and the UK, with over 2 million unique visitors per month. It is owned by Maximum Media. The original website was founded by Irish entrepreneur Niall McGarry. also forms part of the group.

How does Joe ie make money? has 2.3m unique visitors every month, with about 900,000 per month. Some 1.2m people click through via Facebook or Twitter. Unlike traditional newspapers, which rely on circulation and display advertising, Maximum Media makes the bulk of its money from branded content or native advertising.

How do I contact Joe Ireland?

Dublin 8.Editorial. For editorial queries contact our editorial team: or call (01) 669 6900.Advertising. For all advertising queries contact our sales team: or call (01) 669 6900.Data, T&Cs or Privacy Statement.

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