Question: How do I meet other sober people?

Where do you meet people when youre sober?

Try a Meetup If you want to meet people who share your interests, try looking for things that interest you on This is a site that lists special interest groups in your area by subject. There are groups for art, music, film, sports, wellness, finance, languages, travel, dance, careers, and so on.

How can I find a friend who doesnt drink?

Here are five ways to make new friends in sobriety if you dont participate in recovery groups:Check Out Local Meetups. One of the best way to make new friends is to surround yourself with people who share similar interests. Canvas Your Existing Friends. Get Sweating. Use Facebook To Your Advantage. Talk To People.23 Aug 2017

How do you socialize when you dont drink?

8 Ways to Be Social Without DrinkingAdopt your own signature non-alcoholic drink. Have an excuse ready. Be the designated driver. Go for coffee or lunch. Try more engaging activities. Focus on what you have rather than what youre missing. Go to meetings. Volunteer.15 Jun 2019

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