Question: Who was the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader that got engaged?

When did Cassie Trammell get married?

Cassies wedding was April 14 in Dallas, Texas. See her wedding on this special before she returns to DCC: Making the Team after four years of being a cheerleader. Watch the daughter of DCC choreographer, Judy Trammell, taste cakes and pick out bridesmaid dresses.

Who is Judy Trammell married to?

Dick Trammellm. 1978 Judy Trammell/Spouse

Is Melissa Rycroft still married?

Rycroft competed for Jason Mesnicks heart on season 13 of The Bachelor in 2009. The Ohio native, 44, ended their engagement during the live taping of the After the Final Rose special for runner-up Molly Malaney. Mesnick and the former department store buyer, 35, are now married with two kids.

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