Question: Why is there no kissing in Turkish dramas?

Why there are no kisses in Turkish soap operas One of the rules imposed by the RTUK, is censorship of scenes with sexual overtones, which is why there are almost no kisses between the protagonists. Even the kisses that exist on the screen must follow a series of rules in order to be televised.

Is PDA illegal in Turkey?

no PDA. Turkey isnt some strict sharia law Muslim state. You can kiss, hold hands and hug with no issues. Gay couples may have more issues, but for heterosexual couples its completely normal.

Why are Turkish shows so long?

The Turkish television series market is marked by stiff local competition: out of the 60 series produced every year in the country, almost 50% do not run for longer than 13 episodes due to the strong competition among the different local channels, resulting in the high quality and popularity of the longer-running

What do you call your Turkish girlfriend?

How To Express Your Love Like A Hero From Turkish Soap OperasNounTurkish Sweet TalkLiteral Translationaşk (love)aşkımmy lovebal (honey)balımmy honeytatlı (sweet)tatlımmy sweetygüzel (beautiful)güzelimmy beautiful1 more row•Feb 17, 2021

What is the longest Turkish series?

TV Series, Turkish (Sorted by Runtime Ascending)Bizimcity (1995–2015) 1 min | Animation, Short, Comedy. Petman: Internet Series (2017– ) 2 min | Action, Adventure, Drama. Uykucu (2018– ) Social Diary of Quarantine (2020– ) Çukurdakiler (2017–2019) Dogrusu ne? ( Ex Askim (2021– ) Sizinkiler - Çatlak Yumurtalar (2012– )More items

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