Question: Is Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx?

“Jamie has moved on and is unbothered by Katie and Emilios romance.” Foxx, 52, and Holmes, 41, dated from 2013 to August 2019. “Katie has no ill will toward Jamie, but she has completely moved on from him and just thinks of Jamie in a friend type of way now,” a source exclusively told Us last month.

Is KATIE Holmes married to Jamie Foxx?

KATIE Holmes and Jamie Foxx have split just months after confirming their secret five-year romance, according to reports. Actress Katie, 39, is said to have called off their marriage after with struggling trust issues. The pair had insisted they were just good friends following Katies divorce from Tom Cruise.

Is Katie Holmes still married to Tom Cruise?

Holmes and Cruise were married from 2006 to 2012. She has primary custody of their daughter.

Who Is KATIE Holmes dating 2021?

Emilio Vitolo KATIE Holmes relationship with her chef boyfriend Emilio Vitolo is reportedly on the rocks. The Dawsons Creek actress, 42, began dating Emilio, 33, last year and they went Instagram official in December.

Is KATIE Holmes still single?

According to People, Katie Holmes is single again. The Disturbing Behavior star is a busy single mother who is cultivating a career and raising a now teenage Suri Cruise. Holmes romance with Emilio Vitolo Jr. is the latest in her dating history, but likely wont be the last.

Why did KATIE Holmes split up?

Holmes and the chef, 33, apparently fizzled out after eight months of dating because of their hectic schedules and busy careers. “Katie has a lot of big priorities in her life — shes a single mom, her daughter [Suri] always comes first and things were moving very fast,” a source previously told Page Six.

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