Question: Is the Yukon a good place to live?

Whitehorse, the territorial capital and Yukons only city, is the largest settlement in any of the three territories where about 75% of its residents live. Yukon is a wonderful place to live with breathtaking wilderness, a wealth of opportunities, abundant natural resources and friendly welcoming people.

What is it like living in the Yukon?

What is it like to live in Yukon? The Yukon is great for outdoor activities and there is something for everyone. In the summer, you can go hiking, biking, fishing, or camping, and in the winter, you can go ice fishing, skiing, and cross-country skiing.

Is it safe to live in Yukon?

Living in Yukon has a unique experience one cannot get in the big, more urban provinces of Canada. Theres a sense of peace and tranquillity in this territory like no other. The quality of life is exceptional thanks to the magnificent landscape, safe environment, and a healthy lifestyle for the people living here.

Is Whitehorse Yukon a safe place to live?

Quality life: Whitehorse is one of the peaceful and safe environment to raise your family. It has a magnificent landscape and a healthy lifestyle for people living across the small town. 10. Low crime rates: The crime rates in the area are very low with few theft cases just like any other city.

Are groceries expensive in Whitehorse?

According to the study, if the family were from Whitehorse, and wanted to eat a healthy diet as outlined in the food basket, their grocery bill would be $274.78 per week. In Carcross, that reference family would pay $426.33 per week at the local store, despite being only about 70 km from Whitehorse.

Why is Yukon so expensive?

4 Difficult to find construction materials available. Construction materials also become more difficult to find in the Yukon. They are not as readily available and when they do show up, they usually carry a higher price tag than what you would pay for them elsewhere because of shipping costs.

Do you get paid to live in Whitehorse?

The living wage in Whitehorse – what it costs to pay for basic needs like food and housing – is $19.12 an hour, according to a new report. The minimum wage in the territory is $11.07 an hour. Whitehorses living wage is one of the highest in Canada, primarily due to the cost of housing, according to the data.

What is the snowiest city in Canada?

St. Johns, Newfoundland and Saguenay, Quebec top the lists as Canadas snowiest large cities. St .Greatest Amount of Snow.CityInchesCentimetresSt. Johns, Newfoundland131.9335.0Saguenay, Quebec126.6321.7Québec City, Quebec119.4303.47 more rows

Is Whitehorse expensive to live?

The cost of living in Whitehorse is generally higher than in southern Canadian communities. It is lower on average, however, than the cost of living elsewhere in the Yukon or in communities in many parts of northern Canada. This resulted in a real increase of 1.5% in Yukon earnings.

What language do they speak in Yukon?

Figure 4.1 Population by knowledge of official languages, Yukon, 2011Official languagePopulation (percentage)English only86.3French only0.3English and French13.1Neither English nor French0.321 Mar 2019

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