Question: Who is Luke Jacobs dating?

International borders closed with Raychel stuck in the US while Luke worked in Australia and the pair were forced to endure a long-distance relationship without visits. Luke Jacobz (left) has been engaged to his partner Raychel Stuart (right) since 2018.

Did Babe and Bondi won Instant Hotel?

Instant Hotel: Australian homeowners fight for best home title. Instant Hotel followed ten couples who were determined to prove their AirBnB was the best in Australia. The grand final saw Babe and Bondi take on Terry and Anita in one final instant hotel battle.

Who is Jorja from Dancing With the Stars?

Dancing with the Stars (Australian season 16)Dancing with the StarsCelebrity winnerSamuel JohnsonProfessional winnerJorja FreemanCountry of originAustraliaNo. of episodes108 more rows

Will there be a 3rd season of Instant Hotel?

Moreover, fans of Instant Hotel should be getting a third season soon with an even more elaborate and riveting cast, a new host, and gorgeous sites. Unfortunately, no release date has yet been finalized, but we can expect Instant Hotel Season 3 to premiere in early 2020.

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