Question: Do UK citizens need visa for Sri Lanka?

Passports & Visas British citizens must have a valid passport for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry in Sri Lanka, and are also required to have a visa. You can apply for a tourist visa online at If you need assistance applying for your visa, we recommend the Travel Visa Company.

How much is Sri Lanka visa on arrival?

Methods of Submission of ETA Application.All Other Countries*By Third partyUS$ 35*At Sri Lanka Overseas MissionsUS$ 35*At the head office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, ColomboUS$ 35*On arrival at the port of entry in Sri LankaUS$ 402 more rows

Can I go to Sri Lanka without visa?

You dont need a visa in itself. You only need to apply for an ETA to enter Sri Lanka.

Can UK citizens live in Sri Lanka?

British nationals intending to visit or reside in Sri Lanka must be in possession of the necessary visa. Information regarding visas to Sri Lanka can be found on the Department of Immigration and Emigration website.

Can I get a visa upon arrival in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival The visa on arrival for Sri Lanka is a short stay visa that travelers receive at their port of entry to the country. Most visas on arrival grant a maximum stay of 30 days and 2 entries to the country. Seychellois visitors receive visas on arrival that allow them to stay up to 60 days.

How do I get an ETA for Sri Lanka?

Submission of ETA application by the applicant. If you are planning a short visit to Sri Lanka, you can submit your ETA application online to the Department of Immigration & Emigration. Steps to be followed: Click on the Apply button and fill in the ETA application.

Which countries get visa on arrival in Sri Lanka?

They may obtain a visa on arrival to Sri Lanka at any port of entry without charge:Maldives (30 days, extendable to 150 days)Seychelles (60 days, up to 90 days in a single year)Singapore (30 days, extendable to 150 days)

Which airline flies direct to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankas main international airport is located in the city of Columbo. Served by a great selection of well-known airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways and Swiss, direct flights to Sri Lanka are also available on SriLankan Airlines.

Can UK citizens buy property in Sri Lanka?

How difficult is the property purchase process in Sri Lanka? Foreigners can freely buy properties as long as they are willing to pay the Land Tax for foreigners at 100% of the property value. An alternative is to lease the land for 99 years, bringing the tax down to 7%.

How much is a visa from UK to Sri Lanka?

Apply for visa In the form, you indicate whether it concerns a business trip, a holiday or a transit in Sri Lanka. A Sri Lanka visa costs £44.95 per person. For the business visa, an additional fee of £10.00 is charged. Payment can be made in various ways, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.

How much is visa for Sri Lanka from UK?

Apply for visa A Sri Lanka visa costs £44.95 per person. For the business visa, an additional fee of £10.00 is charged.

How long does it take to get an ETA visa for Sri Lanka?

3 to 20 days The ETA for Sri Lanka processing time is from 3 to 20 days after the application is submitted. Once the form is submitted applicants will then receive the Sri Lanka ETA approval notice. Applicants for the Sri Lanka ETA online should apply at least 20 business days before the intended date date of entry in the country.

How long does it take to get a ETA?

How long does it take to get an ETA? In most cases, your ETA will be approved in less than 30 seconds. In a small number of cases, your application status will be pending for up to 12 hours. If this is the case for your application, you can check your application status on CIBTvisass website until it is approved.

What is the flight time from UK to Sri Lanka?

10 hours and 30 minutes How long do flights to Sri Lanka take? Flights to Sri Lanka from the UK take an average of 13 hours. Sri Lankan Airlines fly direct to Colombo from London Heathrow in 10 hours and 30 minutes. Youll also find some surprisingly short flights, even with stopovers, from regional UK airports.

How much does a trip to Sri Lanka cost?

A vacation to Sri Lanka for one week usually costs around LKR46,888 for one person. So, a trip to Sri Lanka for two people costs around LKR93,776 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs LKR187,551 in Sri Lanka.

What injections do I need for Sri Lanka from UK?

Yes, some vaccines are recommended or required for Sri Lanka. The National Travel Health Network and Centre and WHO recommend the following vaccinations for Sri Lanka: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, polio and tetanus. Jab lasts 3 years.

Why would an eTA be denied?

If you do not have enough money in the bank to support yourself during your trip to Canada, you may have your Canada eTA denied. You may also be asked if you have a criminal record, or have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. Individuals who are criminally inadmissible to Canada can also be denied a Canada eTA.

What if my eTA is not approved?

If you apply for an eTA at an airport, and your eTA is not approved in time for you to check-in for your flight, you will need to reschedule your flight.

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