Question: How much does LiveMocha cost?

Rosetta Stones $8.5 million price tag for LiveMocha, while paltry, would have been better spent developing a more robust platform for one-on-one instruction from native teachers.

Is Livemocha free?

According to the site, it approximately 12 million registered members from 196 countries around the globe. It is free to join and use; however, it offered the option to pay for various benefits. In 2012, 400,000 users visited the site daily.

Which is the best language learning app?

Best language learning app 2021: Top 7 apps comparedBabbel. Best overall language learning app. Duolingo. Best free language learning app. Rosetta Stone. Best for immersive language learning. Memrise. Best for learning real-world phrases. Busuu. Best for goal-oriented learning. Pimsleur. Best for learning on the go. Drops.6 Jul 2021

Is drops better than Duolingo?

Drops is better than Duolingo if your goal is to learn vocabulary. If you want to practice more skills, like grammar, speaking, and writing, Duolingo is better. However, its possible to use both together.

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