Question: What is considered a fight in a relationship?

“Fighting comes from a place where there is intended hurt and anger toward another and the focus is on being right versus resolving something.” How to tell the difference in your relationship. Fights tend to last a long time and this may mean that your relationship is more about winning than being close.”

How long in a relationship before a fight?

Three months is a healthy time period to know each other before the first big fight. Usually couples avoid conflict before that. But if you are already fighting it could be a red flag and a relationship deal-breaker.

Why do couples fight over little things?

Most couples bicker and fight about little things. Its just the nature of spending a lot of time with the same person. A lot of little relationship fights, though, can be a sign of bigger issues. Especially if theyre the types of things you argue about over and over again with no clear resolution.

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