Question: Is SilverSingles free to message?

SilverSingles only allows premium members to send messages. However, as a free user, you can propose your interest by sending a smile. SilverSingles notifies you either by email, browser, or phone notifications—if you are a premium member—for the messages you receive. You are able to turn this off if you want to.

How do you send a message on SilverSingles?

Send a Smile - You can send one as a greeting or simply to express your interest. Youll find this option directly on their profile or via your Matches list. Comment on or like a profile entry or photo - Comment on a profile entry or photo by clicking/tapping on the speech bubble.

How can I use SilverSingles for free?

Once you have finished your personality test, you can upload a profile photo and input your name and location. Free users then get access to the basic features of SilverSingles. You can navigate your matches and read their profiles – their images are blurred – and even send smiles to profiles you like.

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