Question: Whats the point of having two drummers?

Bands have two drummers to create a thicker, fuller, or denser sound. Having two drummers can introduce more variation and intensity into a performance.

Is Double drumming about having two drummers at the same time?

Double drumming (sometimes referred to as double drums) is a musical technique, used mostly in rock music, where two drummers each play a drum kit at the same time. One may play the rhythm while the other may play another style, or both may play the same rhythm.

Why was double drumming created?

Marching band performances required more than one drummer. Double drumming is born out of necessity as drummers begin trying to cover multiple parts with one player.

Why do the Grateful Dead have two drummers?

Why did you need two drummers? That can be a blessing and a curse. One time after a particularly difficult gig, Jerry told those guys it was like playing with a popcorn machine. Because they got busy and were going in different directions and stuff, and there wasnt much rhyme or reason to it.

Why do drummers use plexiglass?

So Why Use a Drum Shield or Screen? Drum shields stop the loud drums spilling out to where we dont want them. By this I mean the drums dont end up doing the following: Getting inadvertently picked up on the microphones used for your vocals or other instruments.

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