Question: How do you love a compulsive liar?

Can you have a relationship with a compulsive liar?

However, keep in mind that– as the definition suggests– pathological liars lie just to lie. If youre in a relationship with someone who lies simply because lying has become a part of them– with no intention to harm or abuse you as a result in any way– you might be in a relationship with a pathological liar.

Can you treat compulsive liar?

Treatment for Pathological Lying The best option is psychotherapy. But even therapy can pose challenges, because pathological liars arent in control of their lying. They may start telling lies to the therapist instead of addressing the problem directly.

How does a compulsive liar feel?

Some of the symptoms of a pathological liar are: they lie to gain something, they exaggerate things, they keep on changing their stories, and they live in a false sense of reality. If confronted, they act defensive and never admit that they are liars. Lastly, they hold no value for truth.

How do I stop loving a liar?

What to do about a chronic liar:Educate Yourself.Start Small. When youre having a conversation with a chronic liar, dont immediately confront them about huge lies they have told in the past. Offer Help. Be Patient.Take Note. Remember the Love. Ignore Them. Confront the Pattern.Feb 11, 2021

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