Question: Where is the best place to insert breast implants?

Currently there are four acceptable options for incisions: axillary (armpit), periareolar (around areola), periumbilical (belly button), and inframammary fold. The most important job we have as surgeons when placing implants is to create a very precise pocket for the implant.Currently there are four acceptable options for incisions: axillary (armpit), periareolar (around areola), periumbilical (belly button), and inframammary fold

Where is the best place to put breast implants?

Women with smaller breasts may prefer to place the implant below the chest muscle. Doing so will help shape the breast, giving it a natural appearance by smoothing the lines created by an implant. It is also advisable to place any saline implants below the chest muscle.

Is it better to get implants under the muscle?

The under the muscle or submuscular approach involves placing the implants below the chest muscle. This is usually a good option for women with little native breast tissue, as the muscle offers greater coverage. The results tend to look more natural than breasts that are placed above the muscle.

Do breast implants go under or over the muscle?

The over the muscle positioning is done so the implant lies below the glands of the breast, thus providing the ability for the patient to breast-feed in the future. PROS: Patients tend to have less movement of the implants during physical activity, as well as less discomfort immediately following the surgery.

Whats better teardrop or round implants?

When it comes to the difference in appearance, its in the name – round implants are round. They tend to provide more lift and cleavage than teardrop implants do for this reason. Teardrop implants, on the other hand, come in a variety of oval-like shapes.

How painful is breast implants under the muscle?

Having implants under the muscle tends to be more painful than over the muscles as your surgeon will need to make an incision in the muscle, as well as the breast tissue, to create the pocket that your breast implant will fit inside. You can expect to feel the most pain in the first one to three days after surgery.

How do I keep my breast implants perky?

How to Keep Your Breast Implants PerkyWear properly fitted bras. Push-up bras can do more harm than good for your breasts. Watch your posture. Sleep on your back. Take good care of your skin. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.5 Mar 2020

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