Question: What is Charlie from TOWIE doing now?

Since the show, Charlie has revealed that he is the founder and director of a group called Huge Project. He also previously revealed via social media that he is an agent with his bio reading: “Professional Boxing Agent and founder of Prime Media Group, Prime Hospitality Group and Prime Auto Group.”

Is Charlie Sims Deli still open?

Charlies Deli – which still holds the name of Charlie Sims who opened the eatery in 2014 but sold it at around Christmas – was given a score of just 1 during an inspection on January 18. Among the work the inspector said was required was that food must be prepared properly.

Who is Charlie Sims getting married too?

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Charlie Sims has taken to social media to confirm he is engaged to Georgia Shults. Chloe Sims brother – who is a sports agent – shared a photograph of him with his fiancée on holiday in Singapore on his Instagram account to announce their exciting news.

What happened to Charlie and Fern?

The former Towie stars split in 2015 following a turbulent five year romance. Charlie confirmed the happy news this afternoon and revealed he got down on one knee during a loved up holiday in Singapore. Ferne and Charlies relationship played out on Towie before the pair called it quits back in 2015.

Is Chloes daughter Maddie disabled?

She is surrounded by people who love her. Speaking in her autobiography The Only Way is Up- My Story, Chloe shared her struggles of raising Maddie as a single parent as she tried to make ends meet in a string of jobs she despised. She has also spoken in the past about her daughter being diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

Are Pete and Chloe talking?

Chloe then walked off during filming and according to Pete they havent spoken since. We havent spoken since the end of filming the last series, he said. We havent seen each other or spoken so I have no idea what is going to happen in this new series. There is no point going back into what happened last time.

Is Pete and Chloe still together?

Chloe Sims has revealed that she and Pete Wicks have an unbreakable bond after fixing their friendship. Pete, 32, appeared to have had a final split from friend and love interest Chloe in the Christmas Special of the show in December.

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