Question: What is the name of the cast iron skillet with the large block logo on it?

Griswold made skillets with the large block logo and a flat bottom between 1930-1939. Beautiful skillet with large block logo. This skillet was made Circa 1930-1939.

How big is a Griswold 9?

No.Top Diameter in inchesBottom Diameter in inches911 3/89 1/21011 3/4101112 1/210 7/81213 3/811 3/410 more rows

What is a Griswold skillet?

Pre Griswold is a term used for Erie skillets. Erie cast iron is sometimes described as Pre Griswold. Griswold Manufacturing Company made Erie cast iron cookware. However, the Erie logo was used before Griswold started to place their company name on their cookware.

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