Question: How do you use a pool vacuum?

How do you clean the bottom of a pool with a vacuum?

3:446:28A couple ways to get dirt off the bottom of your pool - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe full vac just hooks into the skimmer right here. And there we are on the bottom of the pool toMoreThe full vac just hooks into the skimmer right here. And there we are on the bottom of the pool to pull back you can see the dirt. As she goes into it its pulling up all the dirt.

How do I get more suction on my pool vacuum?

3:194:44How To Troubleshoot Loss Of Suction On A Swimming Pool VacuumYouTube

Why is the bottom of my pool Brown?

And brown stains concentrated on the bottom can likely be attributed to dirt stains, typically enhanced by calcium buildup. The first step to deal with organic materials is to shock your pool, and scrub it. If the stain fades or disappears, you know you have a metal issue – most often iron or copper buildup.

Why does my pool vacuum not have good suction?

Clogged tubes are one major reason why your pool vacuum lose suction. Vacuum hose connection and length can affect its performance. If your hose length is too short with the size of the swimming pool, then suction performance will be affected. Measure your pool size so does your pool cleaner hose to avoid the problem.

How do I get rid of brown algae at the bottom of my pool?

Clean the pool as much as possible to break up the algae using a brush, leaf rake and vacuum. Run the filter and backwash it to move additional debris. Shock the pool with chlorine and then add an algaecide made for swimming pools. Make sure the algaecide does not contain copper.

How do I get brown stains off the bottom of my pool?

Mustard algae and most yellow/brown algae will like the bottom of the pool. The fastest way to get rid of these stains is to apply chlorine straight onto the discoloration. Scrub with a brush and watch it disappear. Run a water test to see what other stuff might be in the water, and treat accordingly.

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