Question: Is life a number game?

Numbers are everything. I have realized that life is truly a numbers game. It is wonderful to look at all the numbers of your life and see where you stand versus where you want to be. In a recent BBC documentary they talked about people living longer.

Is love a number game?

Lust + attraction + attachment = true love. According to scientists, finding the spark is just about perfecting a formula. In the two years shes been single, Daisy, 34, has been on close to 100 first dates, figuring love was ultimately a numbers game. But, so far, each meeting has yielded similar results.

Is girls a numbers game?

Girls are a numbers game. Attraction is a numbers game. Life is a numbers game the more girls you talk to the more likely you are to get a number and to get a date and to get a girlfriend. Be aware that the better you get at girls the more girls will want to get better with you.

Is online dating just a number game?

Dating is a somewhat nebulous activity that can take any amount of time without a certain outcome. Dating is partly just a numbers game. If you go on 48 reasonable first dates in a year, chances are decent that youll want to see at least some of those people a second time.

Is getting a girlfriend a numbers game?

Dating as many people as possible is a common misconception, but dating isnt a numbers game. Just the thought of having to date constantly to find the right woman for you could be exactly whats keeping you from dating.

Why dating is a numbers game?

Dating is a numbers game for one reason only: The more people you meet, the more acute your focus. Each time you go out with someone new, youre automatically racking up information on your preferences. And, dating by the numbers makes you more comfortable with the “meet and greet” process.

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