Question: How much do oil rig workers make 2020?

How much does an oil rig boss make?

Drilling Supervisor SalariesJob TitleSalaryExxonMobil Drilling Supervisor salaries - 11 salaries reported$104,030/yrConocoPhillips Drilling Supervisor salaries - 4 salaries reported$130,075/yrApache Drilling Supervisor salaries - 3 salaries reported$113,455/yr17 more rows

How many days do oil rig workers make?

Part of the reason that offshore oil rig worker pay is high is to offset the difficult working conditions and risks associated with the job. Workers often face 14/21 shifts, meaning that they work for 14 days straight, followed by 21 days off.

How much do oil rig workers make a week?

Oil Rig Worker SalaryAnnual SalaryWeekly PayTop Earners$130,000$2,50075th Percentile$90,000$1,730Average$75,511$1,45225th Percentile$32,000$615

Can oil rigs fall over?

Falls from drilling rigs may not make the headlines as often as pipeline explosions or gas leaks, but slip and falls from an oil rig or off a platform can still lead to serious injury or even death. Either way, dangerous falls from oil rigs can often be prevented if employers take proper safety measures.

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