Question: How do I setup my Linksys router without a modem?

Can you setup a router without a modem?

Yes. Heres what you need to do You can use a router without a modem to transfer files or stream content between devices on a wireless network. However, you need a modem and an internet service provider (ISP) if you want to access the internet.

Is the Velop a router?

The Velop WiFi 6 is available as a standalone router for $399, or you can get a pack of two for $699. Linksys says that each node can cover an area of around 3,000 square feet and that the system should be able to handle connections from over 50 devices simultaneously.

Do I need both a router and a modem for Wi-Fi?

Do you Need a Modem or a Router? You will need both a modem and a router if you want to use WiFi or connect multiple devices. Since most modems only have one LAN Ethernet port, you can only connect one computer at a time, but it wont provide the same security that a router does.

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