Question: When did Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross get married?

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross were married on August 30, 2014. Ashlees sister Jessica Simpson was the matron of honor while her son (with Fall Out Boys Pete Wentz) Bronx Wentz attended as well. The two began dating in July 2013 and come January, they were engaged.

How long have Ashley Simpson and Evan Ross been together?

At the time, sources told Us Weekly that the duo were simply longtime friends. Evan and Ashlee have been friends for a really long time, probably 10 years. They have a long bond. They already know each other really well, the informant dished.

When did Evan Ross get married?

August 30, 2014 (Ashlee Simpson) Evan Ross/Wedding dates

Who is Evan Ross married to?

Ashlee Simpsonm. 2014 Evan Ross/Spouse

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