Question: Where is Dongguan Gu?

Is Cantonese declining?

Since the promotion of Mandarin from the 1990s, the number of Cantonese speakers has been dropped to less than 30% according to an unofficial statistic years later, most of who are the elder generations. Besides the decline of Cantonese in Guangzhou, there is also fear of Cantonese declining in Hong Kong.

What is a red dragon massage?

The massage is called Gua sha which is an Asian medical practice where the side of a coin is rubbed in parallel stripes on the chest and back. Its often referred to as scraping or coining and is believed to release unhealthy body matter from sore, tired, or injured muscles and stimulate new, oxygenated blood flow.

Is Hakka a dying language?

However, Hakka dialect is the only major language in the 21st century that faces disintegration. It seems that with its tens of millions of people speaking Hakka, it is theoretically 1000 times safer than a minor language, but it has become one of the endangered languages, and the number of users is less than ever.

Why is Cantonese declining?

The reasons for the rapidly declining popularity of Cantonese – spoken by more than 60 million people round the world – among the Pearl River Deltas young people were complex and linked to political and economic changes in the area, they said.

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