Question: Is World of Warcraft dying?

World of Warcraft is reaching a concerningly low player count, causing Activision Blizzard to question the future of the classic MMORPG. Blizzards Q2 earnings call revealed that World of Warcraft has lost half of its monthly active users in the last four years.

Is WoW worth the time?

Combined with the work thats put into each zone, dungeon, and raid and its fair to say that WoW is still a stunningly beautiful game at times, and looks a lot better than most games that originally came out in 2004. And the games soundscape is astonishing. The music has always been good, and it remains excellent.

Is WoW Classic worth playing solo?

Sure you can play Classic WoW by yourself, but its going to be difficult if youre not an experienced player. Raiding in Classic WoW must be done with people from your server. Theres no looking for Raid (LFR) like there is in the modern game. Modern World of Warcraft is the perfect game to play solo.

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