Question: Does eharmony have a free version?

Joining the eharmony community is absolutely free. With unlimited matches, enhanced search features, unlimited communication, exclusive dating content and more, eharmony can help you find your match.

Can you send messages on eharmony without paying?

A free eharmony membership gives singles the ability to view profiles, get match suggestions, and see a breakdown of their personal compatibility with other singles on eharmony. However, only someone with a paid subscription plan can view photos, and send unlimited messages through the online dating service.

What can you do with the free version of eharmony?

Everyone that joins eharmony starts off with a Basic Membership. Weve expanded our free membership to include unlimited matches, the ability to send and receive Smiles, Icebreakers, & Greetings, as well as respond to a first message. You can also browse anonymously and see recent visitors to your profile.

Is eharmony or match free?

Signing up for Match and eharmony is technically free, but youll need to start paying much sooner in the process to have a rewarding experience. Matchs free version is slightly more forgiving. You can browse and like profiles.

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