Question: Is Alicante worth visiting?

Alicante is most definitely worth visiting and has something for everybody without having to break the bank. Whether its an authentic Spanish city break youre looking for, a lively beach resort holiday or a quaint coastal retreat – Alicante is a great place to visit for all three!

Why is Alicante so popular?

With an average of 3,000 sunshine hours a year, it will come as no surprise that Alicante has made its name as one Spains most popular spots for sun-seeking holidaymakers. For the more refined visitors, the stunning architecture and countless winding alleyways of the old town make a visit to Alicante worth your while.

Is Alicante nice for a holiday?

Alicante itself is a beautiful city with a marina that is breathtaking. Tapas bars, restaurants and hotels everywhere. Sitting above the city is the imposing Castillo Santa Barbara. This is worth a visit if only for the views from the top and is accessed via lifts from the main street opposite the marina.

Is Alicante beautiful?

Nestled in the stunning Costa Blanca coastline, Alicante is one of Spains most beautiful cities and a hotspot destination for city breaks in the sun. Whether there for a couple of days or a week, you will never be short of things to do and see.

Is Alicante good for families?

Alicante is a great city to live with children: sunny, warm, hospitable, with excellent infrastructure and magnificent beaches, many attractions, a large selection of schools and places for family leisure.

Which is nicer Alicante or Malaga?

Malaga is still our favourite but Alicante is definitely worth a visit. We caught the train to Valencia for the day while we were there which is definitely worth a visit. Alicante has a nice seafront and good beach, but there are more galleries and museums in Malaga if you enjoy visiting theses(which we do).

Is Alicante Spain expensive?

Alicante is one of the least expensive beach destinations around, whether youre looking to buy or to rent. Prices are rising here, but they remain very affordable, making the city a bargain for the level of amenities it offers.

What is there to do in Alicante for kids?

What to do in Alicante with kids: plans for family funTerra Mítica — learning and thrills. Aqualandia Benidorm — water and adrenaline. Aqua Natura — splashes of fun. Terra Natura Benidorm — all the animals. Pola Park — fun in Santa Pola. Alicante museums — for curious visitors.More items

Is Costa Blanca good for families?

Most of the family hotels in the Costa Blanca stick close to Benidorm. Mostly, thats because the beach resort has a huge line-up of restaurants, bars and activities. Plus, the beaches come with playgrounds and paddle-friendly waters.

Where should I live in Costa Blanca?

Probably Orihuela Costa will be the best place to live in Costa Blanca for you if: You like being in a cosmopolitan environment amongst a number of nationalities. You want to be close to the sea and plenty of beautiful blue flag beaches.

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