Question: What does Carina mean in Spanish?

Wiktionary: Carina → Carina. Synonyms for carina: Carina; constellation. structure; anatomical structure; complex body part; bodily structure; body structure.

Can you call a woman Cariño?

When youre more than fond of somebody, you can call him or her cariño (darling), but remember – it doesnt change its ending depending on whether the person youre speaking to is male or female. Ven aquí, cariño.

What is the difference between Carino and Carina?

carino = masculine, singular (e.g. gioco carino = nice game) carina = feminine, singular (e.g. casa carina = nice house)

What does CUTO mean in Spanish?

adjective. Andes, Central America) [persona] (= tullido) maimed ⧫ crippled. (= desdentado) toothless.

How do you pronounce Carina in Spanish?

0:000:27How to Pronounce Carina in Spanish - - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipGrandes names del arco karina karina karina lluvia de correspondencias en avión.MoreGrandes names del arco karina karina karina lluvia de correspondencias en avión.

What is BAE called in Spanish?

How do you say bae in Spanish? - Its amor.¿Cómo se dice bae en español? - Se dice amor.

Is Carino romantic?

Cariño is merely affection, but Id be more concerned that it was with mucho cariño and not todo mi cariño. Im sure more opinions will be arriving. By the way, you should mention the country, or region within the country, of the email writer.

What does cutie mean?

: an attractive person especially : a pretty girl. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cutie.

How do you pronounce carima?

Phonetic spelling of Karima. Ka-ri-ma-CAr-REE-muh. Kaa-RIY-Maa. Kar-ima. kari-ma.Meanings for Karima. A feminine name of Arabic origin.Translations of Karima. Russian : Карима Korean : 카 리마 Arabic : كريمة Japanese : カリマ-

What does it mean when a guy calls you Carino?

hello. yeah, cariño= sweetheart, honey (in this context, of course)

Is cutie a bad word?

What does cutie mean? Cutie is an informal word for a person considered cute or attractive. This sense of the word can be considered demeaning toward the person its referring to or addressing.

Whats Poco Loco mean?

English Translation. little crazy.

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