Question: How good is Feeld?

Without high-quality profiles and photos, dating apps arent much good to anyone. Thankfully, the quality of both on Feeld was very high. Of the hundreds of profiles I looked at, only five of them were low quality. In terms of attractive people, I was also pleasantly surprised, to be honest.

Is Feeld discreet?

The basic app is free to use to match with and message with other members, with in-app purchase options for additional functions such as Pings which allow you to get in front of another user more directly. A person discreetly signs into the app using their email address, Sign in with Apple, or Facebook.

Can I block someone on Feeld?

If you encounter anyone who is posing a threat to you or to others, please contact Support with the identifying details (screenshots, username, age, location, about) of the profile in question so we can block the offender from Feeld.

Do pings work Feeld?

Tap Yes. The Ping will be deducted from the Pings you have left. The human you pinged will receive a notification, and your profile will appear on the top row of their Connections screen. If you dont have any Pings left, youll be able to buy more.

Can you be anonymous on Feeld?

Yes. For an added level of anonymity, you can hide your profile from any Facebook friends that use Feeld. To do this, youll need to pay for their Majestic membership. Once youve done this, go to your profile, tap Majestic Membership then tap the slider to activate “Hide from Friends”.

How do couples join Feeld?

Go to Feeld Settings (human symbol in the bottom right) > Edit Profile. Tap on Invite your partner and share the link with your partner (❗only one of you should perform this step). Feeld will open via the App Store or Google Play; your partner will need to accept the invite, and once they do, youll be linked.

Can you block someone on Feeld?

To hide your profile from others on Feeld: Tap Edit Profile. Scroll down to Show me on Feeld. Switch off the toggle. When the toggle is grey, youll be hidden, and when its black, it means your profile is visible.

Is Feeld secure?

Yes, is a safe app to use. However, as with any other hookup app, you should exercise caution when meeting up with people or exchanging contact information.

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