Question: Who in Super Junior is dating?

K-pop boy band Super Juniors vocalist Ryeowook has confirmed that he is in a relationship with Ari, a former member of girl group Tahiti.

Who is Super Junior members dating?

Super Juniors Ryeowook and former TAHITI member Ari are dating! On September 29, SpoTVNews reported that Ryeowook and Ari recently began dating. The pair reportedly became close after being introduced by an acquaintance. SpoTVNews reports that Label SJ has confirmed their relationship.

Are Ryeowook and Ari still dating?

Earlier on September 30, Label SJ confirmed to various media outlets that Super Juniors Ryeowook is currently in a relationship with the former TAHITI member and currently promoting actress, Ari.

Are Kim Heechul and Momo still dating?

Seoul [South Korea], July 9 (ANI/Global Economic): K-pop group Super Juniors Kim Heechul and TWICEs Momo have broken up after a year and a half of their public dating. Super Juniors agency Label SJ and TWICEs agency JYP Entertainment announced on the 8th, They have confirmed their break up.

How long did Momo and Heechul dating?

The pair has been dating publicly for about a year and a half. Since news broke of their split, fans of the couple have been taking to social media to share their heartbreak and wish the two the best.

Who is the oldest K-pop group?

Although there probably arent too many people around today who know about SoBangCha, let alone remember the group, SoBangCha debuted in 1987 making them the oldest (and first) K-pop group ever in history.

Is anyone from twice dating?

Not all Twice members are dating. Two of them have had their relationship status confirmed. Jihyo, the group leader, is in a relationship with former Wanna One member, Kang Daniel. Also, rumours are rife that Momo is dating Super Junior Member called Heechul.

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