Question: Is the drum a magazine?

DRUM is a South African online family magazine mainly aimed at black readers containing market news, entertainment and feature articles.

What type of magazine is drum?

A drum magazine is a type of high-capacity magazine for firearms. Cylindrical in shape (similar to a drum), drum magazines store rounds in a spiral around the center of the magazine, facing the direction of the barrel.

Is the drum a newspaper?

Home - The Drum Newspaper.

Is drum magazine still published?

DRUM magazine, which has been a staple for decades and was a symbol of defiance against apartheid in its early days, will no longer to be physically printed but will instead be online only.

Is drum magazine Good?

The British with the Lewis gun, the Soviets and Degtyaryov, and later the RPK, the Finns and the Suomi, or even Americans with Thompson. For military forces, the drum magazine is far from optimum. Its heavy, hard to carry a multitude of, and is generally not useful enough to merit serious consideration.

What is the worlds first major drum magazine?

Drum, a political publication? In March 1952, Drum published its first major story, entitled Bethal Today. The eight-page article was written by Mr Drum, and was a sell-out success.

What is the water drum made out of?

Construction. Today they are made of both wood and clay. Wooden water drums are made either by hollowing out a solid section of a small soft wood log, or assembled using cedar slats and banded like a wooden keg. Clay drums are either handmade or an old crock is used.

Who owns the drum?

Drum (yacht)ClassMaxiDesigner(s)Ron HollandOwner(s)Simon Le Bon Sir Arnold ClarkRacing careerSkippersSkip Novak1 more row

Who is the editor of Drum magazine?

Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa is a multi-award winning journalist and currently editor of DRUM Magazine.

Why did gangsters use Tommy Guns?

The Thompsons high rate of fire and large magazine capacity saw it catapulted to infamy as the weapon of choice for lawmen and gangsters during the 1920s and 30s. Thompsons quickly entered the vernacular of popular culture as Tommy Guns or Chicago Typewriters. Two were used during the infamous St.

When was the Tommy gun banned?

By 1937, federal officials reported the sale of submachine guns in the U.S. had nearly ceased. In 1939, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional. The law so effectively ended the spread and use of submachine guns the federal government didnt get around to actually banning civilian ownership until 1986.

Who invented the water drum?

architect Hans Hendrikse The Q Drum invented by South African architect Hans Hendrikse has improved the lives of many thousands in developing countries, providing a simple, easy means to transport up to 50 litres of water at a time.

How many Litres is a drum?

208 litres A drum has a capacity of 208 litres (55 US gal; 46 imp gal) and measure under 880 millimetres (35 in) tall with a diameter under 610 millimetres.

Where is the yacht Drum now?

As of 2020, Drum is no longer sailing and her historical relevance could secure her a permanent berth in a museum.

Is the drum a reliable news source?

“The Data Seal of Approval is a recognition from our peers that DRUM is a trustworthy source of data,” said Lisa Johnston, Research Data Management/Curation Lead at the University of Minnesota Libraries, who has led the DRUM initiative.

What was Drum magazine and what role did it play?

The magazine became an important platform for emergent African nationalist movements. Anthony Sampson, a friend of Baileys from Oxford, was appointed editor, and under his leadership the magazine continued to grow and widely influence the new urban black culture.

What happened drum magazine?

In 1984 Naspers acquired DRUM Publications, the publisher of City Press, DRUM and True Love & Family. The parent company of the magazine is Media24 which announced in July 2020 that the print version of the magazine ceased publication.

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