Question: Did harmony make Silvertone guitars?

The early Silvertone electric guitars were made by Harmony and Danelectro, with a few exceptions. Danelectro had been making amplifiers since the 1940s for Sears, Epiphone and its own brand. Their manufacturing facility was in Neptune New Jersey.

Who makes Silvertone guitars now?

Samick Silvertone (brand)Product typeConsumer electronics Musical instrumentsOwnerSamick (2001–Present)CountryUnited StatesIntroduced1916MarketsWorldwide (Distributed by RBI Music)4 more rows

Are Silvertone guitars any good?

Overall, our 1423 is a solidly built guitar. The 20 frets are well dressed, if just a tad jagged at the edges of the fretboard. Despite the less-than-ideal setup, the guitar plays very well—a definite improvement over a typical, well-used vintage Silvertone.

Who makes Corbin guitars?

All Corbin International guitars are hand crafted in China under our strict supervision to meet the requirements of our USA and German design team. John Broermann (aka Johnny Corbin) has been teaching, performing and enjoying life playing the guitar for over 40 years.

When was my Silvertone guitar made?

Look for the serial number in the neck pocket. Read the serial number. The first two digits indicate what week of the year the guitar was made, and the last two digits indicate the year the instrument was made.

Who made Silvertone amps?

Danelectro The Silvertone amplifiers manufactured by Danelectro in the mid-1960s have become the most popular among guitar players for their great tube tone and Cold War-era styling.

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