Question: Is Christina Milian in a relationship?

Milian has been in a relationship with French singer M. Pokora since August 2017.

Is Christina Milian single?

Since having a child and later splitting with rapper-producer The Dream, Milian, 29, said she hasnt dated. Its a world shes really never really known. “I jump from relationship to relationship usually and this is the first time Im comfortable with myself,” she said.

Who dated Christina Milian?

Shes been with fellow musician Matt Pokora since they met at a restaurant in France in 2017. They are expecting a child together. Some famous Christina Milian exes include NFL player Brandon Wilds and Lil Wayne. Nick Cannon and Paul Walker were also reportedly Christina Milian boyfriends.

Who is Christina Milano married to?

M. Pokoram. 2020 The-Dreamm. 2009–2011 Christina Milian/Spouse

Why doesnt Christina Milian show her babys face?

The main reason for Matt and Christina deciding to hide their sons face in pictures shared online was because of safety. “When Violet was little, there were times I kind of wished people wouldnt have necessarily known what Violet looked like,” Milian shared.

Who has more hit songs Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

Britney has logged six Billboard Top 10 hits since Christina managed her last one in 2008. But its unclear how much of a lift the show has given to Aguileras catalog. Her only album since becoming a Voice judge was 2012s The Lotus, and only two of its songs have more than 10 million streams.

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