Question: Can a minor go to jail for lying about their age?

Can a minor get in trouble for lying about age?

Minors Lying About Age If someone has sex with a minor who lied about his or her age, he or she could face criminal charges despite the deception.

Is it a crime to lie about your age?

No. It is not legal.

What happens if a girl lies about being 18?

In California, statutory rape is codified in California Penal Code Section 261.5. If you can prove that you honestly and reasonably believed that the alleged victim was over 18 at the time you had sex, you cannot be convicted under California statutory rape law.

Is lying about age a defense?

Reasonable Belief. If a mistake-of-age defense is allowed, a defendant needs to prove the mistake was reasonable. Facts or circumstances a defendant might use to establish proof of reasonable belief include: any statements or misrepresentations concerning age made by the victim to the defendant or others.

Is it illegal to lie on a resume?

If an employee lies in an interview or on their c.v., and the employer catches the lie before an offer of employment is made, no legal issue would usually arise. The employer would just not offer the employee the job. Dishonesty is treated as among the most serious types of employee misconduct.

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