Question: How do you meet people with diabetes?

How can I meet diabetes?

Two websites where you can meet other people with diabetes are and You can peruse profiles of other singles with diabetes on both these sites for free. If you want to connect and set up dates, youll need to pay a monthly fee.

Can diabetes be transmitted from one person to another?

Its impossible to get diabetes from another person. Diabetes is a disease that develops inside the body in some people who have the genes for it. Scientists havent yet pinpointed exactly what causes diabetes, but they do know its not contagious. You cant “catch” it like you might a cold or mono.

How can I be a good partner with diabetes?

If your partner has diabetes, the following positive actions can be helpful:Take an interest in your partners diabetes – but let him/her be in control.Suggest ideas.Allow your partner time for managing diabetes.Be prepared for mood changes.Discuss any problems with your sex life.Discuss your feelings.

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