Question: What does Tiffany Pollard do for a living?

What is Tiffany Pollard known for?

Tiffany Pollard (born January 6, 1982) also known as “The Queen of Reality TV” is an American television personality. She came to public prominence for her participation on VH1s Flavor of Love (2006–2007) and I Love New York (2007–2008). Pollard was given the nickname New York by rapper Flavor Flav.

Who is Tiffany Pollard engaged to in 2020?

Related | We Love New York! On the show, Pollard explained how she found love to host Vivica A. Fox. To find love the way I did, I stopped looking for it, and it literally found me, and Im engaged, just 21 days old, she said.

Why did TaylorMade and New York break up?

Why did Tailor Made and New York split? According to Tailor Made, the two just didnt have a lot of interests post-show. While Tailor Made may have been portrayed as the shows Season 2 villain, he has no regrets about his time on reality TV calling it all worthwhile experiences.

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