Question: Did Jenna and Kevin date?

On Glee, Jenna and Kevins characters dated and even made a pact at Santana and Brittanys wedding: to marry each other if they end up single when they are 30. On the 2015 series finale, it is revealed that in the future, specifically the year 2020, the two are again a couple!

Who is Jenna Ushkowitz married to?

David Stanley LOS ANGELES — Jenna Ushkowitz is officially a married woman. The “Glee” star tied the knot with David Stanley in an outdoor Saturday ceremony at a historic Los Angeles home, Brides reported.

Is the Glee kid really in a wheelchair?

The character is portrayed by actor Kevin McHale, and appeared in Glee since its pilot episode, first broadcast on May 19, 2009. Artie was developed by Glee creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. Artie uses a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in a car crash at the age of eight.

Does Jane Lynchs sister have Down syndrome?

Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) takes a special interest in Becky in part because Sues older sister, Jean, also has Down syndrome. In 2012, Potter was nominated for a SAG award in the Ensemble in a Comedy Series category for her work in Glee.

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