Question: How does POF next date work?

If youre feeling a spark (oh lala!) with one of your NextDate pairings, click the “Date” button under their video feed. If youre not feeling it, just click “Next” in that same spot and youll be paired with a new match. If you both click “Date”, youll be able to leave the NextDate game and have a 1-1 video call.

What does next date mean on POF?

The next date is nothing but you will get settings in live stream feature with a name next date. According to POF, the next date is the game that lets you find your next date.

How do you get the next date on Plenty of Fish?

In order to play Blind Date, all you have to do is pop into Live! on the Plenty of Fish home screen of the app. Once youre in Live!, select the third heading from the right called DATE. This will take you into NextDate and you can start to scroll through members who are currently playing Blind Date.

What is POF playday?

NextDate is like virtual speed dating, where users have the opportunity not only to meet new people but also win prizes for participating. Users can go to POF Live! and hit the “go live” button to join while the speed dating hours are in session.

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