Question: What do serial numbers on guns mean?

The serial number includes information related to the date and location of the weapons manufacturing. Additionally, if the weapon is stolen, it can help link the firearm to the original owner when the government places the serial number into a national database.

Can you tell when a gun was made by the serial number?

Check the manufacturers website. Once youve determined the model, go on the manufacturers website to find which year the gun was made, from the digits following the dash. In this instance, 331-12345 was manufactured in the year 2007.

Why are gun serial numbers important?

The reason firearm serial numbers are so important is, obviously, extricating yourself from the liability of your firearm being used without your consent or permission. In the event your gun is stolen or lost, that serial number can be used to inform law enforcement of the particulars.

What does a serial number look like on a gun?

The serial number usually appears in more than one place on the pistol. The most important feature to look for is a script letter following or beneath the four-digit number, which is most often found on the vertical face of the locking block just below the point where the barrel joins the frame.

How do you read a manufacturers serial number?

The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture. The remainder of the serial is a sequential production number, seven digits in length before December 2007 (DM), and eight digits in length after.

What does GTG mean on Smith and Wesson?

Likes: 883. Liked 1,711 Times in 547 Posts. If you look closer I believe you will find it says, 38 S&W Special Ctg. The CTG, rather than GTG is an abbreviation for Cartridge. Your gun appears to be a pre-Model 10 or as commonly called the Military & Police.

What does colt CTG mean?

CTG=cartridge. 357 Magnums are perfectly compatible with S&W M28s. 38 Specials, 38 Long Colt and 38 Short Colt are as well.

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