Question: Where can radioactive isotopes be found?

Where can radioactive isotopes can be found?

Radioactive isotopes of radium, thorium, and uranium, for example, are found naturally in rocks and soil. Uranium and thorium also occur in trace amounts in water. Radon, generated by the radioactive decay of radium, is present in air.

Can radioactive isotopes be found everywhere?

Radioactive Materials in the Earth and in Our Bodies Trace amounts of uranium, thorium and their decay products can be found everywhere. Learn more about radioactive decay.

Why are radioactive isotopes rarely found in nature?

Radioactive Elements In the Figure above, these are the elements with a yellow background. The force of repulsion among all those protons makes the nuclei unstable. Elements with more than 92 protons have such unstable nuclei that they dont even exist in nature. They have only been created in labs.

How are radioactive isotopes created?

The neutrons normally strike the nuclei of the fuel, making them unstable and causing the nuclei to split (fission) into two large fragments and two to three free neutrons. In this way the surplus neutrons are used to create radioactive isotopes of the materials placed in the targets.

Can a person be radioactive?

Yes, our bodies are naturally radioactive, because we eat, drink, and breathe radioactive substances that are naturally present in the environment. These substances are absorbed by our bodies, into our tissues, organs, and bones, and are constantly replenished by ingestion and inhalation.

What happens if you touch a radioactive person?

Initial symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache and diarrhoea. These symptoms can start within minutes or days after the exposure. People who have been exposed to high doses can also have skin damage ranging from itching to burns, blisters and ulcers. They may also have temporary hair loss.

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