Question: Is the Blind Date real?

Many viewers also believe that the show is scripted but the makers strongly deny it. The views expressed and the actions of the shows contestants are of the individuals involved, says Roshan Dahal, the creator, director and also producer of the show.

Is Cilla Black dead?

Deceased (1943–2015) Cilla Black/Living or Deceased

What religion was Cilla Black?

As the singer and TV presenter was baptised and died a Roman Catholic, St Pauls and Westminster Abbey would have unavailable to her. But Merseyside, the showbiz capital of Britain at the time Cilla achieved her first fame as a singer in the Beatles era, was the only place for her story to end.

How old is Cilla Black now?

Cilla Black died on August 1, 2015, aged 72 years old.

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