Question: Is there an app like shaadi or TrulyMadly?

Which is the best Shaadi app?

BharatMatrimony. BharatMatrimony is one of the most popular and trusted matrimonial apps in India. Telugu Matrimony. Telugu Matrimony app is your perfect companion in the search of a life partner from your mobile. TamilMatrimony. KannadaMatrimony. BengaliMatrimony. Jeevansathi. KeralaMatrimony. CommunityMatrimony.More items

Is Trulymadly good app?

The Good: Intuitive, Trust Score makes sure you see genuine people, and only interact with people you like. It also helps in building some credibility for the service itself, though the bad takes some of the sheen away. The Bad: Photos and personal preferences are open, though only to verified users.

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