Question: Why does Team Aqua want more water?

In Generation III, Team Aquas ultimate goal is to expand the amount of water in the world while in Generation VI, they are trying to return the world to a state for Pokémon by awakening Kyogre to wipe out human civilization and return the world to its beginnings, so that Pokémon can live untainted by humanitys

Why does Team Aqua want to flood the world?

Team Aqua essentially wants to flood the entire earth for the sake of pokemon, and sacrifice all of humanity

What was team magmas goal?

Team Magma are the antagonist teams in Pokemon Omega Ruby. They are present in Alpha Sapphire, but are the main team that will show up the majority of the team in Omega Ruby. Team Magmas goal is to awaken Groudon, evaporate the seas and expand the land masses around the world. They are led by a man named Maxie.

What happened to Team Magma and Aqua?

They eventually disappear after a battle between Groudon and Kyogre. It has been verified that neither Team Aqua nor Team Magma will be appearing in any future Pokémon episodes.

Is team flare bad?

Type of Villains Team Flare (in Japanese: フレア団 Flare-dan, literally Flare Gang) is the villainous team of the Kalos region, making their debut in the video games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. Their goals involve making money and aiming for a more beautiful world by using the Ultimate Weapon to wipe out all life.

Why is Lysandre evil?

Lysandre is also shown to be hypocritical, because despite all his preaching about human greed, Lysandre himself is quite greedy, as it costs five million Pokédollars to join Team Flare. And also he is pretty selfish himself despite it being one of the main reasons for his goal.

Is Lysandre immortal?

Lysandre was likely made immortal in both versions because of the radiation of the Ultimate Weapon, same as AZ and Floette. You, Shauna and Serena/Calem were all standing inches away from him when the Ultimate Weapon buried the HQ.

Is Malva evil Pokemon?

Malva is the first member of the Elite Four to be a member of a villainous team in the games.

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